Cheap Accountants

Cheap Accountants 465 355 Ralph Smith

If I’m totally honest pricing is one of the hardest parts of being in business.…

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UK Bank Feeds ? a new way of working

UK Bank Feeds ? a new way of working 150 150 Ralph Smith

Henry Ford, the pioneer of what we recognise today as Lean Manufacturing, introduced a revolution centred around the elimination of wasteful processes more than a century ago. In his autobiography he explained the essence of it as: “I believe that the average farmer puts to a really useful purpose only about 5% of the energy […]

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The modern practice

The modern practice 150 150 Ralph Smith

Today we?re announcing a new initiative for the accounting industry. Right now Xero offers client side accounting, as well as accountant side features such as annual reports. We believe the ‘single ledger’ is a?fundamental?disruption to the accounting software industry?because?it provides huge efficiencies to the accounting practice and?reduces cost dramatically. Examples of what we’ve already delivered […]

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Life changing technology for UK accountants

Life changing technology for UK accountants 150 150 Ralph Smith

I?ve just spent a fortnight in the UK and by all accounts the UK economy isn?t in great shape. The Government is drastically cutting spending, which is creating much debate and idea generation over how to cut costs. Such ideas verge on the ridiculous at times. For example local councils are turning off street lights […]

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100% Xero

100% Xero 150 150 Ralph Smith

Chris Reid‘s practice first dipped its toes in the world of online accounting a while back when instead of following their default route of advocating Sage, he managed to persuade his staff and a small group his clients to try out Xero. Last month Chris informed Sage that he would not be renewing his Sage […]

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