Xero iPhone & iPad icons

Xero iPhone & iPad icons 150 150 Ralph Smith

Just wanted to let iPhone and iPad users know that we’ve just uploaded icons into the Xero application and Help Center so that you have handy one-touch access to these sites from your home screen. They look pretty snazzy on my iPhone, and obviously I’m rather partial to the Help Center one! Note these are […]

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Using Yammer to keep the startup spirit strong

Using Yammer to keep the startup spirit strong 150 150 Ralph Smith

As a company, we’ve grown from a small team ? all in the same room ? to dozens of teams all over the world. Along the way, there were signs we’d started to change culturally, from a tight knit group of co-founders into a soulless?org chart. We weren’t going to let that happen, but we […]

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The currency of innovation

The currency of innovation 150 150 Ralph Smith

As someone who is fascinated with the subjects of innovation and good ideas, I thought this was a brilliant video summary of Steven Johnson’s new book, Where Good Ideas Come From.

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Unlocking the beauty of the web

Unlocking the beauty of the web 150 150 Ralph Smith

In recent years Internet Explorer has been this wonderful utility built into Windows that allows people to download a web browser – usually Firefox. Probably due to the fact that they still dominate in market share, Microsoft has been pretty absent from the browser wars that have been raging over the last few years. But […]

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My beautiful polychronous workstyle

My beautiful polychronous workstyle 150 150 Ralph Smith

We take our technology enabled working lives for granted these days but anyone over the age of thirty five will recognize that the typical working day has changed quite profoundly in the last twenty years. Whether through the growth of remotely networked laptop usage from the late 90?s, the mobile email revolution of the last […]

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