Simple inventory

Simple inventory

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Coming up with a solution so you can record purchases as well as sales has been a much requested feature. It leads the pack among a bunch of new things we’ve got in today’s release.

To help you monitor your inventory we’ve revamped?Price List Items and given it a new name Inventory Items. Check out Help Centre to learn about using Inventory Items on invoices, bulk exporting and for importing. There’s also a brand new report.??Or for a quick overview have a look at the video below.

While Inventory Items isn’t intended to replace a complete inventory management system (check out these Xero Network Partners for that ? Unleashed and SimPro) it does provide a simple means to track the movement of inventory in your business.

We?ve also released a whole raft of changes to support the increase in GST in New Zealand ? a complete list of what we?ve done and what?s left to do is here . We?ve even created a handy FAQ to answer some of the questions that might be on your mind.?For the Australians the killer feature is Westpac bank feeds.??For a full list of the changes see our ?release notes.

Footnote: Don’t forget the Cheesecake

A few weeks back when we were discussing the features to include in today?s release ? including the makeover of Price List Items.?Craig our CTO bravely announced this would be a piece of cake (oh the irony) and that he would personally deliver this feature. What?s more, he?d stake his reputation on there being no more than 10 bugs raised by the QA team. The wager ? a cheesecake.

The good news for Xero customers is Craig completed everything in record time. The bad news, for Craig, is that 12 bugs were raised. Unlucky.

Craig and QA Tester Susanne

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