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Your business can help flood victims

Your business can help flood victims 150 150 Ralph Smith

I’ve had this nagging helpless feeling for the last week or so. The problem is…

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Dealing with cash flow problems

Dealing with cash flow problems 150 150 Ralph Smith

Many many businesses in Ireland are now suffering from severe cash flow issues below I…

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Temporary Accounting Staff

Temporary Accounting Staff 150 150 Ralph Smith

One of the services we provide at Do My Books is temporary accounting staff. I…

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Pay and File deadline

Pay and File deadline 150 150 Ralph Smith

Quick reminder to all that you can extend the Pay and File deadline to 16th…

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Copy VAT 3 Form

Copy VAT 3 Form 150 150 Ralph Smith

If like some of my clients you have a tendency to loose documentation you might…

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Margin 150 150 Ralph Smith

Working with clients I see them using all sorts of creative ways in trying to…

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Revenue 150 150 Ralph Smith

This morning a client received a lovely letter from the Revenue commissioners requesting some updated…

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The importance of IT

The importance of IT 150 150 Ralph Smith

One thing I am constantly stressing to my clients is the importance of Information Technology…

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