Choosing Accounting Software in Ireland

Choosing Accounting Software in Ireland

Choosing Accounting Software in Ireland 150 150 Ralph Smith

Choosing accounting software is a very important decision for a small business. From my experience the relationship ends up like a marriage (Very expensive if it goes wrong!)

Changing packages is difficult, costly and time consuming so its better to get it right the first time.

After 10 years of using accounting packages and 3 years?implementing?them I have come up with a list of tips below :

  1. Carefully write down what you want from a package first. When choosing you will see lots of amazing features but if your not careful you can get distracted from what YOU need from the software.
  2. Review ongoing costs, Some accounting software providers charge an annual license fee, others don’t.
  3. Consider how the package will suit in 5 years time. If you are considering expanding can the package expand with you.
  4. Don’t over complicate the issue-there’s no point in buying a large package with a ?products and job costing modules when all you will use it for is basic book keeping.
  5. Check is there local expertise available, This will be very useful if you need support or training.
  6. Ask for a demonstration disc , it will give you a good feel for the user interface.
  7. Ask other business’s what they use.
  8. Check is the accounting software compatible with other software you use. For example linking a payroll system to an accounting system.This can save a lot of time with data entry.
  9. Will the software work on your existing hardware? Upgrading hardware can be costly.
  10. Are the reporting modules suitable, Your accounting package will contain all your financial information so reporting will be critical.

At Do My Books Accountants Galway we can provide a number of accounting packages including Big Red Book, Xero Online accounts, Sage and Tas books so why not give Ralph a call on 086-3336665 for a free demonstration of any of the packages listed above or email

  • Elaine Cox-O’Rourke October 30, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    Hi Ralph,
    I am looking for advice on a suitable package for my business. I run a small bookkeeping business with 5 clients at present but would hope to have up to 20. I need a package that is versatile and does not take too much time to set up as a lot of clients would come to me in the middle of a financial year.
    I would need to be able to input information on the invoices myself as each business is different.
    I have only used Taz to date and found this Ok but not sure if the invoicing would be easy for a service industry.
    I would also need it to be compatible with a payroll package.
    I would appreciate any help or advice you can give me.. I would also need to be able to take the package with me to businesses so that would be a consideration.

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