Work for dole- How it could work

Work for dole- How it could work

Work for dole- How it could work 150 150 Ralph Smith

I’ve been debating the work for dole idea with friends and on twitter over the last few days. Personally I think if set up correctly it ‘could’ work. Here’s how:

  • There has to be an increased welfare payment to cover the extra expenses involved in travelling and lunches
  • Anyone on social welfare should be able to approach the non profit organisation of their choice and work with them without waiting for random selection. Time sheets are sent in weekly from the organisation to the social welfare. This would ensure no one is stuck doing work they don’t like
  • Participants of the scheme should be paid their dole straight into their bank account so don’t have to join the ‘dole que’ to collect their payment.
  • Inspectors must police the system to ensure all workers are treated fairly
  • This programme could give people a reason to get out of bed and hopefully a sense of a achievement by being back at work again. It also alleviates the two things which I personally would hate about being on the dole. 1. Boredom. 2. The humiliation of the dole office.

    My own close family members have been touched by unemployment over the years and I have personally seen what it can do to an individual.


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