Kashflow iPhone App

Kashflow iPhone App

Kashflow iPhone App 150 150 Ralph Smith

Today on his twitter stream Kashflow founder Duane Jackson made this announcement

Being the geeky accountant I am I was quite excited to see this. Xero’s policy seems to be to stay away from working with a particular operating system they just use a mobile website which causes problems due to the iPhones not supporting flash. There is other unsupported Kashflow apps for the iPhone which I will review at a later date. This is the first official accounting SAAS iPhone app I have used.

Installing and logging into the App is as simple as it should be.

The home screen seen here shows a simple financial overview in basic non accountants terms. For some reason that loading message stayed on the screen

Kashflow Online Accounts Ireland

Kashflow Homescreen

The app its self is relatively basic but covers everything a small business owner would need while out and about.
An unpaid invoice list

Kashflow online accounts

Unpaid Invoice List

and the ability to add invoices

Kashflow online accounts Ireland

Add an invoice

When I exited the app and reopened it I did get this error message which seems to be a problem with multitasking but other than that seemed stable for V1.1

The Kashflow iPhone app is available from the app store here

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