Remove that Twitter badge from your website ? Now!

Remove that Twitter badge from your website ? Now!

Remove that Twitter badge from your website ? Now! 150 150 Ralph Smith

I got asked last week why we dont have a Twitter badge on our website. I think the asker assumed it was an oversight.

It isnt.

As Ive written before, the purpose of the KashFlow website is to get potential customers to register to take a no-obligation, 60-day free trial of our accounting software.

So anything that distracts from this end goal, or doesnt move a website visitor towards it, is a Bad Thing.

Put another way, the website is a funnel, with the bottom of that funnel being the free-trial sign-up page.

Putting a badge on the website saying Follow us on Twitter would effectively be like getting a drill and putting a big hole in the side of the funnel for visitors to escape and maybe never return.


My turn to make some assumptions. I assume s/he is talking about Twitter being a method of getting people to your site to buy your wares.

Yes, it is but why take someone from being on your site to another location in the hope of getting them back to your site???


That argument has some merit. We do have a good community around KashFlow, and following us on Twitter is a way to be a part of that which is why we have a Twitter badge on our log out page.

But getting new trialists is ahigherpriority than getting newfollowers. Or to put it another way:

So do you have a Twitter badge on your site? Are you losing sales because of it?

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