Who can act as a company director

Who can act as a company director

Who can act as a company director 150 150 Ralph Smith

Every company must have at least two directors. But who can act as one? The answer is almost anyone. There is no formal requirements to becoming a company director unless the articles of association of the company say different.

The following can NOT become directors

  • A body corporate (another company)
  • An undischarged bankrupt
  • The auditors of the company
  • Anyone disqualified by the courts from acting as a director
  • Its worth pointing out that directors have a lot of responsibilities and directors should always make themselves aware of them before signing.

    • If an Estate Management Company requires only the named leaseholders of the acumlitive properties,( hence shareholders) to be able to act as Directors and some property are owned by a company, who then can be a director?
      It cant be the property companies but can it be any other employee of the property owning company or nominee.

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