How to pay your tax bill

How to pay your tax bill

How to pay your tax bill 815 146 Ralph Smith

The revenue have added a few new ways to make it a little more convenient for tax payers to make payments

You can go the traditional route and post a cheque?Collector-General’s Division ,Sarsfield House,?Francis Street,?Limerick. I generally wouldn’t recommend this as it doesn’t provide a proof of payment like some of the other methods and the cheque may get lost somewhere along the way. Also cheques generally cost more than other payment methods.


Laser or other debit card , When you hit the payment screen on the revenue there is a drop down for “Debit Card Payment”

How to pay your tax billOnline Banking – A new addition to ROS this year allows Bank of Ireland and AIB customer to pay their tax bill using online banking

ROS users may also set up a ROS debit instruction allowing them to make a payment directly from their bank account to the collector general. This is very simple to set up and can assist with cashflow planning as the user decides when to make the payment.



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