Cliniko and Xero Integration

Cliniko and Xero Integration

Cliniko and Xero Integration 300 93 Ralph Smith

Cliniko: More than just an online diary
Cliniko is a cost-effective practice management solution that allows healthcare practitioners to:

  • Manage schedules: Cliniko makes it easy to access and change your schedules, create and modify patient bookings, track waitlists and even manage group appointments. It also allows users to manage multiple locations and monitor patient recalls. With its smart appointment reminders feature, Cliniko makes sure that you?ll never forget an appointment again.
  • Facilitate online patient bookings: This allows clinics and other healthcare institutions to accept patient bookings 24/7. What?s more, all new bookings are automatically reflected in the appointment calendar, ensuring that no bookings are missed.
  • Store and access treatment notes: Cliniko makes the creation, storage and access of treatment notes as easy as 1-2-3, with its configurable templates, user-friendly search features and secure storage system.
  • Draft and send correspondence: Writing and sending emails and letters has never been easier with Cliniko?s quick email and print options.
  • Create insightful reports: With its appointment and transaction report templates, Cliniko makes report-writing a breeze. It also allows users to fully customise their reports, and create new types based on the user?s needs and preferences.
  • Cliniko and Xero integration: The key to quick and easy accounts management
  • Cliniko?s integration with Xero, an online accounting software especially designed for small businesses, makes it easy for medical practitioners to
  • Keep track of accounts anytime, anywhere: Because both Cliniko and Xero are completely web-based, users are able to stay on top of their accounts from any device, anywhere, at any time.
  • Invoice and receive payments as quickly as possible: The online invoicing feature means that users can create and send invoices to patients as soon as possible and gives updates whenever the receipts are opened.
  • Monitor expenses: Xero makes it easy for Cliniko users to import, categorise, and reconcile transactions. This means that users can quickly keep track of all expenses, without having to dig through hundreds of files.
  • Integrating Cliniko and Xero takes less than a minute, but if you have questions or simply wish to learn more about the integration process, make sure to check out Do My Books, a Xero-certified advisor that can walk you through the entire integration process. Make the transition process easy and hassle-free by contacting Ralph at


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