5 Reasons to use Dext.com for Data Extraction

5 Reasons to use Dext.com for Data Extraction

5 Reasons to use Dext.com for Data Extraction 150 150 Ralph Smith

Data extraction can be time consuming and tedious, but with the right tools in your toolkit it becomes effortless. Understanding the reasons that you should use dext.com makes it even easier to get your data extracted fast, without spending too much time or money on the process. Read this blog post for five reasons to use dext.com for data extraction!

Why use dext.com

Data extraction from pdf’s, images and other source documents is a tedious process. It can take a long time and the results may not be accurate. With Dext prepare, you can extract data from receipts, invoices and bank statements without any hassle. All you have to do is upload the file and the system will automatically extract all of your data in seconds.

When to use dext.com

Dext is an online service that provides data extraction services, extracting date from bills, invoices receipts and bank statements then feeds this information directly into your accounts packages for example Xero.

How long does the data extraction take

Dext.com is a fast, affordable and efficient data extraction service that takes care of all your extraction needs often instantly but for complicated documents it may take an hour

Does dext.com work internationally?

Dext.com is a web-based application and it supports all browsers so you don’t need to download anything. With dext.com, you can extract data from any receipt, invoice, bill or bank statement from your phone or PC. Dext works with Irish bank statements and can extract Irish VAT.

What is the cost of data extraction with Dext?

Dext plans start at €20 per month but at Do My Books we can include a subscription to Dext in your monthly fee.

Xero accountant and dext.com


Dext.com offers data extraction services to help organizations extract information from invoices, bills, receipts and bank statements. This can assist businesses in automating part of their accounts process , saving time and improving accuracy.

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