What technology has done for small business

What technology has done for small business 150 150 Ralph Smith

Our aim has always been to make life easier for small business owners with the help of technology. So when we hear that one of our case studies has been recognised for the Most Inspired Use of Technology, we feel proud. This week Made4Baby, a small business producing a natural range of skincare products for […]

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Using Yammer to keep the startup spirit strong

Using Yammer to keep the startup spirit strong 150 150 Ralph Smith

As a company, we’ve grown from a small team ? all in the same room ? to dozens of teams all over the world. Along the way, there were signs we’d started to change culturally, from a tight knit group of co-founders into a soulless?org chart. We weren’t going to let that happen, but we […]

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15% GST has arrived NZ

15% GST has arrived NZ 150 150 Ralph Smith

Waking up this morning came with a realisation of how fast September had flown by and how quickly the change to 15% GST in NZ had arrived. Many were predicting a spike in sales for retail businesses in September with consumers attempting to beat the GST increase, but it’s not certain that retailers saw this. […]

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Tax changes show power of moving to cloud systems

Tax changes show power of moving to cloud systems 150 150 Ralph Smith

Article published in one of our ?local papers The Herald yesterday. Part of a GST series covering the rate change in New Zealand from 12.5% to 15%. ?I wanted to talk about the benefits of the Government to make changes and bring up the Single Business Number … It’s good that the Government has lowered […]

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Simple inventory

Simple inventory 150 150 Ralph Smith

Coming up with a solution so you can record purchases as well as sales has been a much requested feature. It leads the pack among a bunch of new things we’ve got in today’s release. To help you monitor your inventory we’ve revamped?Price List Items and given it a new name Inventory Items. Check out […]

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Simple UBL

Simple UBL 150 150 Ralph Smith

As the SaaS accounting world matures a number of us have thought about how we send electronic invoices to each other. ?It’s kinda crazy that you take an invoice out of an accounting application, flatten it into a pdf, and then someone has to retype it in to their accounting application. We imagine a world […]

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Great quote

Great quote 150 150 Ralph Smith

Just love this quote on business models … “If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.” From I hope iAd fails I think that replaces my past favorite quote … I hope that when I die people say of me ‘Man, that guy sure owed?me a lot […]

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Galway Bookkeeper

Galway Bookkeeper 150 150 Ralph Smith

At Domybooks one of our core services is Bookkeeping. Below I have listed our the…

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Your business can help flood victims

Your business can help flood victims 150 150 Ralph Smith

I’ve had this nagging helpless feeling for the last week or so. The problem is…

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