7 Reasons to do your accounts online

7 Reasons to do your accounts online

7 Reasons to do your accounts online 150 150 Ralph Smith

Im slowly but surely moving my clients to online accounting solutions. There is a variety of reasons I will detail them below.

  1. No upgrades to worry about. I’ve lost many a morning trying to upgrade on premises software. The upgrade runs fine on one pc but not on another. Then you cant open the data because your all using different versions. Painful.
  2. No hardware to worry about. As you are working online all you need is a pc with internet connection. You?dont?have to provision, host, manage, and support your own internal infrastructure.
  3. Lower start up costs. If you are confident configuring your own accounting package you can be up and running for ?15
  4. Lower overall cost of ownership. All of the online accounting packages Do My Books work with include support in their basic pricing. Presently an annual subscription to Kashflow online accounts costs less than annual support for most of the on premise accountancy packages available today.
  5. Flexible Pricing. With Xero online accounts you can upgrade or downgrade your package anytime you like.
  6. Collaboration. No need to back up your data to send it to your accountant. She can log in and access live information.
  7. Integration. Xero and Kashflow allow you to integrate into a number of other online applications including CRM, Payrolll, Project management and ecommerce apps.

If you would like to speak with an accountant who is familiar with moving businesses online please phone Ralph on 091-442882 or email ralph@domybooks.ie

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