Are you wasting time on your accounts?

Are you wasting time on your accounts?

Are you wasting time on your accounts? 430 320 Ralph Smith

When I started out working for myself I was using a traditional accounting software package. I would key in all the clients bank transactions, purchase invoices, sales invoices ect. . ?and then start my reconciling. The process was?laborious?and had the potential for human error so everything had to be checked twice.

After two months of this I discovered Xero. When I started using Xero I discovered I could import clients bank statements into the package, Albeit in a round about way it was still much faster and far more accurate than typing them in manually. Spurred on by this I then started using recurring invoices for sales and purchase invoices. (This isn’t an exclusive Xero feature. Most accountancy packages have this feature)

By making those two small changes I can almost double the amount of work I do in a normal working day. This allows me to reduce the amount I charge clients and spend more time giving them quality business information and advice.

If you would like to speak further about saving time and money on your accounts process please contact Ralph on 091-442009 or

  • Hi Ralph, just been on the net looking for an accounts package for personal use and trying to decide between the pros/cons of what’s out there. I came across your blog and was interested in your comments on some of those you have used & recommended. There does seem to be regional issues with some programs in regard to Irish VAT, etc. From your experience, which would you recommend for functionality, day-to-day use and compatibility with Irish systems (Bank/Revenue/etc.) Thanks vm. David

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