Design your own invoices with Xero

Design your own invoices with Xero

Design your own invoices with Xero 150 150 Ralph Smith

Design your own invoices

Phew.todays release is one of the biggest weve done and has some of your most requested features. Santas come early!

Theres quite a bit to take in as youll see, but lets start with customizing your invoices. You may remember in June we introduced invoice branding to let you personalize your invoices and statements with different themes. Now weve added a new type of theme that lets you take complete control of the layout by uploading your own Microsoft Word templates. You can do things like add a packing slip to your invoice, write in any language and add style with color and images. Watch this video to see the magic.

Other features youll love:

Bulk Emailing statements or invoices This makes chasing up overdue invoices and sending regular statements even easier.

Detailed Account Transaction Report Select any period and review all your transactions in one place. Double check everything is correct before closing off a period or preparing reports.

Edit Reconciled Spend/Receive Money Transactions A handy companion to the Detailed Account Transaction Report. If you come across a mistake you can now easily edit to correct them without have to first unreconcile

Edit Manual Journals Flexibility to fully edit manual journals with a complete audit trail to track your changes.

US Date Entry US date formats are now accepted, just select United States as the country on your profile and you can enter dates in the right format.

API Updates You can now return manual journals, set the branding theme on submitted invoices and allow custom URLs to be attached to invoices. Check out our latestdeveloper update for more details.

UK VAT Rate Change Weve got this covered for 4 January 2011.

NZ Differential Annual Reporting helping accountants to produce annual reports for clients qualifying for differential reporting. Next step is to release similar functionality for Australia and the UK.

Its been another huge year and weve got lots of exciting things planned for 2011.

To find out more about this release, see ourreleasenotes.

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